Friday, June 30, 2006

How I Became My Own Consumer Credit Counseling Service And Bounced Back From My Bad Credit Nightmare (part 13)

The consequences were unending. It seemed that every aspect of my life was affected by my reeking credit. I was crippled financially. Today I shudder to think how much money I lost in jacked up interest rates. To say nothing of the humiliation I suffered when my lady friends figured out my predicament - and of course, they always did. If they knew me long enough, they did.

It was like trying to hide some dirty secret or something.

Shame, insomnia, regret.

Four stinkin years went by.

One day I was surfing the net and some site or other had some promotional thing going where you could get your credit report online for free. So I did. Once again, I was bewildered by it, but this time - I don't know why - I went to the library and took out a book on credit repair and read it.


One year later my credit report looked like a different animal... (consumer credit counseling, to be continued)


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